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Siansonic advanced ultrasonic spray coating and megasonic cleaning systems provide high performance solutions for electronics manufacturing such as semiconductor, PCB fluxing, sensors, display etc..

PCB Fluxing

Siansonic advanced ultrasonic spray nozzle systems provide higher performance on PCB fluxing coating than conventional spray coating and are easily to integrate into existing equipments.

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Siansonic ultrasonic coating systems are used for thin films of polymers, conductive inks, pigments, or other functional coatings in sensors manufacturing of biosensors, thermal sensors, gas sensors, pressure sensors, etc..

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Semiconductors Cleaning

Siansonic megasonic cleaning system are used for precision cleaning of semiconducting wafers. The ultrasonic frequency is from 400kHz to 3MHz.

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The ultrasonic spray coating technology can provide a solution to create the highly uniform photoresist coatings on wafers, MEMs, glass etc.. Compared with spin coating and dip coating, ultrasonic coating can offer better film on micro-structures and no limit on substrate size.

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